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If you are coming to Akyaka from Muğla, get ready to see the paradise. While you’re coming down from Sakar Pass which is 671 meters above sea level, get ready for the surprises. At one side, Gökova meadow with its colorful beauty; and the other side, blue voyage’s well known address the Gulf of Gökova will be right in front of your eyes. Green pine forests next to you, and lace-like bays of Gulf of Gökova in front of you. When you leave the mountains behind and turn right, you will arrive to a real holiday paradise at the Gulf of Gökova.

Each Akyaka home have a beautiful garden. These homes which are covered by paperflowers are adorned with wooden carvings like lace. When you arrive to Liman Hotel Akyaka, you will see the same architecture style that encounters authentical Ula houses with modern architecture. Out hotel is located at the center of Akyaka. Sea is 1 minute away by walking. There are also rooms with sea or mountain view.